Brake grinding sound Rancho Cordova

Brake "grinding" sound:

What causes that?

Usually: Metal-to-metal contact:

When the brake pads wear down too far, all that's left is the metal surface of the backing on the pad, pressing against the metal rotor.

When a mechanic says your brakes are "metal to metal", he's describing a situation in which the brake pad material is worn off on the metal backing plate is grinding on the metal brake rotor.

Checking your brake pads and rotors is how we can prevent this from occurring.

As the two metal surfaces grind against each other, the sound can be very unpleasant, but what it is doing to you car or truck is even worse. Brake pads are made of materials that are significantly softer than the metal rotors they press against. The pads are designed to wear down to a certain point and then be replaced. That leaves the rotor intact and ensures smooth, effective braking action.

If the hard metal behind the pads comes in contact with the rotor, the rotor can become "scored", leaving grooves in its surface. This often produces a scraping noise or a high-pitched "squeal" that's hard to miss. Replacing the pads may not solve the problem if the rotor is warped or scored. If turning the rotors won't produce a smooth, flat surface, the rotor may also need to be replaced. That usually costs double the price of a standard brake job, done at the right time, before the brakes wear down to "metal to metal".

An ounce of "prevention" really is better than a pound of "cure".

If you live in Rancho Cordova, give us a call or just stop by and we'll be glad to check out your brakes and hopefully catch any small problems before they turn into big ones (and you won't have to hear that awful grinding sound)!