Auto air conditioner repair in Sacramento

Auto air conditioner repair:

Why Do Air Conditioners Fail?

One common reason: lack of maintenance:

Without proper lubrication parts break and the system can be damaged.

Here is an example of an air conditioner that failed because the compressor wasn't getting the correct amount of lubrication.

Here we can see the compressor's "Axial Rotor" and on closer inspection, there is clearly an area where material is missing. Excessive friction caused the rotor to shed chips of metal. Those metal chips weren't very large and there weren't many of them, but when they broke loose they dispersed throughout the air conditioner sytems causing damage wherever they went. The repair process will be complicated and several components will have to be replaced.

If the vehicle's owner had brought the car in to have the AC system inspected, BEFORE the air conditioner showed signs of imminent failure, it is likely that this expensive repair could have been avoided. If your AC system isn't doing its job properly, or starts making unusual noises, bring it in as soon as possible for an inspection.

An ounce of "prevention" really is better than a pound of "cure".

If you live in the Sacramento area, give us a call or just stop by and we'll be glad to check out your AC system!